Choosing the Best Solar Installation Company: Solar Sales Company vs Electrical Company

Choosing the best solar installation company could be the hardest part of your solar system installation journey. One needs to be meticulous while choosing the solar installation company, as the quality and efficiency of your solar panels and solar system greatly depend on the quality of the solar installation itself. The big question is, what should I choose: a solar sales company or an electrical company? Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Approved by Clean Energy Council 

Both solar sales companies and electrical companies will likely be certified by the Clean Energy Council. This approval means you as the consumer don’t have to worry about the quality of your solar panels, batteries, wires, inverter and other required components. However, whilst it is important that the panels, inverter and battery are all CEC approved, a prospective customer’s research should not stop here.  


This is a key consideration in the context of commercial and residential solar installation. Often salespeople will focus on the performance warranty of a panel because the product warranty is not as long or is not as good. Performance warranty claims are almost impossible to obtain so product warranties are the better warranty to possess. Further, should you engage an electrical company to install your solar system considering these companies manufacture products by themselves, they give warranties on their equipment and installation. If anything goes wrong, they will come and replace it without charging you. 

Further, when you engage an electrical company to install your solar system, the warranty for the components is directly held with the company. However, when dealing with solar sales companies often a sub-contractor installs the system and it becomes difficult as the consumer to enforce any warranty. The solar sales company will argue it is the subcontractor’s duty as they installed the components while the subcontractor will argue it is the solar sales company’s duty as they sold the system to the customer.

Experience in Solar Installations 

Compared to solar sales companies, electrical companies have a team of electrical experts and technicians who are well-qualified and experienced in installing solar panels and making them operational. These electricians are solar qualified and they not only install these systems daily for customers but design each solar system to meet the customer’s, current needs, future needs and roof space available. The solar system design produced by a solar sales company is simply not comparable to that which is done by an experienced solar electrician who works with these systems daily. 

Price Check 

Put simply if the overall solar system package sounds cheap it’s probably because it is. Solar is a 20-25 year investment, with a payback period of usually 3.5 - 5 years depending on the quality of products. The price of materials is usually fixed, some companies will be able to buy certain stock marginally cheaper than others but that is not where the huge discrepancy in pricing comes from. If your system with like for like products varies drastically in pricing between two companies you need to ask yourself why.  The answer usually lies in the stark difference paid for the installation of the system. Keep in mind that the most expensive part of a solar quote is the installation - a knowledgeable and experienced installer is key to the success of your solar system. How do you think you can get a top-quality residential solar installation that isn’t rushed if you are paying cheap? 

Solar Panel Quality 

It is easy to get caught up as a consumer in comparing Tier 1 (top quality panels) to Tier 3 (lower quality panels) and making a purchase decision based on this criterion. However, the best thing consumers can do to ensure they get a high-quality solar installation is to find an electrical company they trust. The electrician will be the expert on products and brands, it’s what they do every single day. The customer doesn’t need to be the expert in this, it’s not their trade or field, they just need to find someone that they can trust to be the expert for their system. 

Reputable Australian Business 

To find the best solar installers melbourne, the first thing to look at is, has the solar sales or electrical company been operating for more than 5 years? The consumer then should check whether the company has a local sales office or local phone number. Usually, solar sales companies will have an Australian phone number that is not local in addition to not having a local office which makes it difficult to contact them as opposed to an electrical company that has both a local office and phone number. Lastly, the consumer should check if the company has internal electricians or whether they will be subcontracting the work out once you have signed an agreement to go ahead. If so, consider how you will do your research on whoever it is that will actually be installing your system. 

All that being said the world is moving from traditional grid energy to solar energy to harness its multiple benefits and, more importantly, to be a responsible citizen and contribute to reducing carbon footprints. It is high time to install solar panels and play your role in saving the planet from the menace of climate change. 

In light of all that has been discussed above, you would not get legal work done by anyone who is not a lawyer so why would you trust a person who is not a tried and trusted electrician to install your solar system. NG Cabling Solutions is a reliable solar service provider providing residential and commercial installations and all aspects of electrical work.

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