22 Aug, 2021

Our Unique Speciality When Servicing Residential Electrical

Visualy discrete electrical work plays a key role in our innovative residential electrical solutions. We take great pride in our craft of perfecting every home to individual needs with high-quality fi ...

15 Aug, 2021

What You Need To Know About Choosing Your Solar Products

Did you know when it comes to solar solutions, It’s not a one size fits all! In fact, your solar system needs to be specifically designed to align with your home’s orientation, roof shape ...

8 Aug, 2021

How We Can Service Your Business With Our Commerical Electrician Masters

N.G Cabling Solutions are at the forefront of new products in commercial electrical services. Check out this brand new point of sale system we have installed for one of our favourite restaurants, Pent ...

18 Jul, 2021

We Are Experts in Turnkey Solar Solutions

N.G Cabling Solutions provides expert advice and service for all of your solar power needs, whether you are building a new property or renovating an existing site. Whether you need solar for domesti ...

11 Jul, 2021

About Our Approach to Solar

If you have a need for an electrical solution that is not one that we offer listed on this website please give us a call or send us an email. When your electrical needs expand or change, you can rel ...

4 Jul, 2021

Solar Is the Solution, Here's Why

Homeowners in Australia pay some of the highest electricity rates in the world. Solar energy is one solution to this increased cost. Our solar PV systems are composed of the best quality components, ...

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